Insights & Advantages

Change Your Vantage Point to Change Your Perspective

The CoreSelf Map process invites one to slow down and use a different function of the brain to arrive at different insights and questions which move the challenge forward. It is uncommon to slow down in order to go faster in the future.

  • Explore applications that are applicable to many different industries.
  • Utilize a unique tool that complements and add to other approaches.
  • Leverage a tool that can be used for both professional and personal wins.


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Technology Case Study

Technology companies, including software and hardware vendors, have to: produce compelling products in a fast-changing world, motivate and focus diverse teams, support direct and/or indirect sales teams, and provide outstanding customer service while monitoring costs to extract profits for their shareholders. WDS created game-changing software for a specific market, but knew it had to identify…

Attorney/Mediators Case Study

Mediators face many challenges in attempting to resolve challenges/disputes between two parties with a fair and reasonable outcome; this meeting of the minds is typically exasperated by heightened emotional tensions, potential distrust, betrayal, anger or any combination of these. John and Kate were viewed by all as a successful family and couple; John owned a…