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About CoreSelf Mapping

There is a part of our brain that acts as an internal awareness or guidance system. This mechanism in the brain is called our Internal Observer, as referred to by Dr. Ernest Hilgard, a prominent psychological researcher, and teacher in the 1950s-1970s. Dr. Hilgard’s research demonstrated that the Internal Observer is a part of our mind that is unique in its ability to sort out positive alternative pathways in difficult situations.

The process of mapping allows your mind to shift into activating this internal guidance system and to allow you to answer to following questions as you are writing your own CoreSelf Map.

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Jonathan Thomas, MSW

Because he was born into a family of teachers and craftspeople, it is not surprising that Jonathan began his adult life working with clay and teaching children and adults how to make functional and beautiful objects on a potters wheel. He spent ten years after college perfecting those two skills. Moving into an administrative role, he became the founding director of a large and successful regional community art center in Northeastern Ohio.

Out of this experience, a new direction emerged. The challenge of coaching both individuals and teams to higher levels of accomplishment became Jonathan’s focus. A masters degree in Social Work at Columbia University in New York provided opportunities to develop expertise as a teacher and trainer of communication skills.

Coaching individuals and teams in the medical field occupied the next phase of his journey. In addition to directing an outpatient hospital team for twenty years, he developed a private counseling practice. Clipboard sketches created in the process of studying successful partnerships became the foundation of CoreSelf Mapping. Using the visual perspective learned during his earlier career opened up pathways to creative communication strategies for work with patients and colleagues. Empowering others to create their own mapping solutions as individuals and in teams became his central mission.

Over the years, professional contacts in many fields saw possible applications of CoreSelf Mapping in their own disciplines and asked for more technical and practical information. The Simple.Not Easy partnership was formed to respond to those requests. CoreSelf Mapping continues to evolve into a means of achieving breakthrough insights in response to challenges in many fields including executive coaching, legal mediation, wealth management and fitness training.

Tim Preston

Tim Preston is a Managing Director, Co-founder, of Simple. Not Easy., LLC, a company that utilizes CoreSelf Positioning™ tools to help companies leverage their most important asset, people; by slowing down to align their energy levels, values, and actions to get teams on the same page, literally. A unique benefit of our approach is that team members can utilize the same tool in their personal lives for best next steps. 
Tim has spent the majority of his life learning, overcoming, and creating, from blank pieces of paper: self, spaces, teams, and businesses.
Tim also believes that if you help people, professionally or personally, and guide them to listen to themselves, they can identify their best next steps or real questions to accomplish both professional goals and to become the person they aspire to be.
"I learned that if you listen to a space, like your home, it will tell it what it wants to be".
-Tim Preston
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