Corporate Programs

Empower your team to create a plan that solves challenges, initiates growth, and builds on insights

What challenges might your team be facing?

The CoreSelf Positioning program is most effective when focused on one of the following three areas in your organization:

Facing unresolved challenges
that are impacting the bottom line

Increasing or re-establishing motivation and momentum at all levels of the company.

Teaching your team to get on the same page, safely discussing and exploring solution together.

Your team works inside your company and industry everyday. They have the knowledge and experience from the front lines. When experiencing challenges and uncertainty, most companies don’t have a formal process to tap into this understanding and benefit from their knowledge base.

How do you get everyone on the team on the same page?

This is where CoreSelf Positioning comes in. The process facilitates your team’s ability to solve their own challenges with an appropriate sense of urgency. Team building and exploring solutions together will help foster their ability to get on the same page.

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  • Professional Guided Team Mapping Experience
  • Review Results, Develop Action Plan
  • Full Day Workshop
  • $4,995 Per Session

It all begins with a "Real Question!"

To achieve sustainable results, you have to answer the “Real Question" at the heart of the challenge. A real question is one that you can truthfully answer...

I don't know...
I want to know...
I'm willing to ask...
And I'm willing to listen to the ideas that come back

Recently Resolved
"Real Questions"

Many times the answers lie just below the surface, because the team does not feel empowered, is too busy executing or does not have the venue to provide the feedback you need to move forward.

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How do I successfully maintain a work life balance?
How do we improve our service offering from second to first?
How do we find the convergence between our company goals and team members personal values?

Attend a Workshop

Want to experience the power of the CoreSelf Map in a group setting?

We offer workshops for both individuals and companies to help solve your challenges.

  • Complete a CoreSelf Map Live with an Advisor
  • Review and Discuss Results or Questions
  • Reinforce 3 Guidelines of CoreSelf Positioning

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