Frequently Asked Questions

The Process of CoreSelf Mapping can help anyone who is:

  • Working hard to resolve an important question but is feeling “ stuck.”
  • Searching for questions, that if answered, could change the Situation.
  • Needing to gain confidence in their “Best Next Step.”

The mapping process has been consistently shown to help teams measurably increase their levels of CoreSelf and increase:

  • Trust in the company process amongst teammates
  • Respect for corporate agenda teammates
  • Effective and sustainable team action
  • Confidence
  • Respect for each team member’s position and resources they bring
  • Appreciation for each person’s role and insights in identifying ‘Best Next Steps
  • Real Questions that, if answered, might change the current Situation or Challenge
  • Agreement on effective, sustainable strategies to pursue

The number of attendees in a workshop can depend on a variety of factors. However, we do cap the number of attendees at 12 participants per Certified CoreSelf advisor.

No, CoreSelf Mapping is not a personality profiling test. CoreSelf Mapping is a growth-minded framework to assist individuals: with describing all the characteristics of a specific Situation, identifying resources available to call or count on to resolve, give themselves credit for good faith efforts to resolve, then determining Best Next Steps or Real Questions.

CoreSelf Positioning utilizes CoreSelf Mapping to combine team member’s unique values and skills with the organization’s expectations and desired outcomes to jointly determine sustainable best next steps. CoreSelf Mapping and Positioning both draw upon psychology and neuroscience of how the brain works.

Clients often find using the system on an ongoing basis provides dramatic increases in clarity, creativity, and confidence while fostering breakthrough insights and resolutions of their most challenging situations.

The CoreSelf Map helps individuals slow down in a speeding world and view a situation from a different vantage point; typically resulting in a more refined question or next best step. While the process is simple, changing habits is not easy. Consistent practice with the CoreSelf Map is a pathway to sustainable plans and improved outcomes.

CoreSelf Mapping focuses on the individual while answering three questions:
1) Where Am I? 2) Where Do I Want to Be? 3) How Do I Get There?

CoreSelf Positioning focuses on partnerships & teams while answering three questions:
1) Where Am We? 2) Where Do We Want to Be? 3) How Do We Get There?

CoreSelf Journaling focuses on stretching our mastery of the above skills by using a short-hand CoreSelf 4S framework that can be completed daily with as little as few minutes.