Growing as an Individual

Move From Complex Situation to Simple Strategy

Accelerate personal growth when you untangle the complexities of professional and personal challenges and move towards resolution faster with CoreSelf Positioning tools and services.

Most of the time we’re fine...until we’re not.

When we're overwhelmed, we no longer think clearly or take effective action, losing sight of our values and what’s most important to us.

If you are facing a personal or professional challenge, any movement towards resolution requires that we center ourselves in regards to emotions, values and actions.

This means reducing tension, conflict, and uncertainty in ourselves and our most important relationships. But how?

Simple Not Easy - Navigator

Tools for Moving Forward

Simple. Not Easy developed a proprietary CoreSelf Mapping process which activates an "Internal Observor/Navigator” that helps connect us to different parts of our awareness, and then leads to the creation of sustainable plans.

Visualize this as concentric circles, like in the image. The outer rim is where intense emotions reside; they exist to protect us. The innermost circle represents your core self where you are most certain of your best next step.  How do you become more centered when facing a challenge?

  • First, we ask the question: “Where am I? Is my emotional self closer to the Rim or the Core? By asking this question, we engage our Internal Observer, the part of our consciousness that is both connected to, yet apart from our immediate awareness.
  • Next, we ask, “Where do I want to be? What steps would most consistently move us toward resolution?

The CoreSelf Mapping Process Uncovers Your Next Steps

Engaging the Observer helps shift our awareness towards the Core and become more centered in ourselves so we can begin to:

  • Spark a sense of discovery about ourselves and our relationships.
  • Open up meaningful internal and external dialogue.
  • Nurture trust and respect regarding ourselves and those our challenge may be related to.
  • Take effective action or ask “Real Questions” in order to move forward.
  • Get On The Same Page, literally with ourselves and others.
  • Answer, “How do I get there?” with the best next steps for ourselves.

Attend a Workshop

Want to experience the power of the CoreSelf Map in a group setting? We offer workshops for both individuals and companies to help solve your challenges.

Try the CoreSelf 4S Framework for FREE

Curious as to how it all works?  Try the CoreSelf 4S Framework exercise first, for FREE.

Get Ready for the Guided CoreSelf Mapping Experience

To provide you with the best possible experience and insights into your situation, the Guided CoreSelf Mapping Experience pairs you with a certified CoreSelf Mapping Advisor.  Your advisor has extensive real-life understanding and knowledge of how to extract maximum value utilizing this process.

In just a one hour, $95 session, you can expect to:

  • Discuss/Review Free CoreSelf 4S Framework (if already completed)
  • Complete a Personal CoreSelf Map Live with an Advisor's Guidance
  • Review and Discuss Results or Questions
  • Reinforce 3 Guidelines of CoreSelf Positioning
  • Complete an Additional Professional CoreSelf Map (if time allows)

Insights & Real Questions

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