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Are you interested in becoming a CoreSelf Mapping Advisor?

Help your clients or team achieve breakthrough insights and get on same page with the CoreSelf Mapping™ Process.

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  • Certification

Benefits of Certification

Professional Advisors

  • Add a powerful tool to help your business grow.
  • Help your clients get “un-stuck” and on the same page.
  • Give your clients the resource to create their own sustainable plans.

Corporate Advisors

  • Become an internal resource utilizing CoreSelf Positioning™.
  • Help your teams’ get on the same page and create the best next steps.
  • Empower the entire staff to use the tool both professionally and personally.

How to Become a CoreSelf Mapping™ Advisor

The path to becoming and advisor start by expanding on your own personal experience with CoreSelf Mapping .

  • Apply Online (Click Here)
  • Attend a Workshop
  • Practice CoreSelf Mapping
  • Pre-Certification Consultation
  • Receive Your Certification

Mastering the basics of CoreSelf Mapping is simple. Our CSM advisors become certified in few simple steps. Then the lifelong journey begins for you and your clients or teams.

What is a CoreSelf Mapping™ Advisor?

Our advisors work with individuals, athletes, and businesses on a regular basis in their chosen professions. They are looking for better tools to help their clients and teams have breakthroughs, insights and to get on the same page.

  • Attorney Mediators
  • Educators and Administrators
  • Health Systems Counselors
  • Internal Company Resource
  • Life & Business Coaches
  • Sports Psychologists

Frequently Asked Questions

The term was developed over the past twenty years in the clinical coaching practice of Jonathan Thomas, LICSW. Jonathan used hand-drawn diagrams to describe some of the many different ways your mind works, especially the relationship between energy, values, and thoughts. Clients gradually learned to use CoreSelf Mapping on their own. Finding that process helpful, clients asked for something they could read and study about the process which influenced the creation of Simple. Not Easy.

The Process of CoreSelf Mapping can help anyone who is:

  • Working hard to resolve an important question but is feeling “ stuck.”
  • Not sure of the way forward.
  • Needing to gain confidence in their “Next Best Step.”

The Internal Observer is part of the monitoring function of the brain as opposed to the executive functioning aspect of brain activity. The ‘executive’ portion of the brain makes progress on projects and rapidly makes solution decisions; whereas the ‘monitor’ portion of the brain tracks how far, how fast, how well and makes note of alternative solutions. Once you know how the map works, the Internal Observer is no longer hidden.

The Internal Observer measures progress toward the individual’s unique core goals, those that will be consistently important over the long haul. (For instance, at retirement, “What have been my personal and professional accomplishments?”)

No. CoreSelf Mapping is not a personality test, but a tool to help you find answers and solutions to problems and questions you feel stuck on.

CoreSelf Mapping clarifies the values of the individual combined with their energy level to arrive at their next best step. CoreSelf Mapping is deeply rooted and supported by the psychology of the mind and the neuroscience of how the brain works.

Clients often find using the system on an ongoing basis provides dramatic increases in clarity, creativity, and confidence while fostering breakthrough insights and resolutions of their most challenging situations.

The CoreSelf Map helps individuals slow down in a speeding world and view a situation from a different vantage point; typically resulting in a more refined question or next best step. While the process is simple, changing habits is not easy. Consistent practice with the CoreSelf Map is a pathway to sustainable plans and improved outcomes.