Attend A Workshop

Gain insights and advantages by attending a workshop.

Have your team experience the benefits of CoreSelf Positioning. Learn the value of slowing down and the power of each team member’s Internal Observer.

Gain valuable insights, sustainable plans, and real questions.

  • Leverage the momentum of getting the entire team on the same page, literally.
  • Enable your team to collaborate on a whole new level using the super skill of CoreSelf Positioning.
  • Get unstuck in a difficult situation.
  • Learn a new problem-solving method that applies in all challenging situations, creating continual progress towards your goals.


  • Dealing With Excessive Uncertainty

    Aligning Your CoreSelf; Moving from Rim to Core 

  • Getting on the Same Page, Literally

    Creating Sustainable Team Plans

  • Team Positioning

    Now, Goal, & Planning

  • Creative Problem Solving

    A Spin on Brainstorming

  • Focusing on What Matters Most

    Energy Levels & Values Clarification

  • Improving Outcomes

    Roles, Accountability, & Best Next Steps


For Employees

What is the benefit of attending a workshop?

  • Working the map can help you with major steps and subtle details on an important plan.
  • Gain confidence in the sustainability of your emerging plan.
  • Experience the power of CoreSelf mapping in a journaling format.

For Teams

What are the benefits of hosting a workshop?

  • Gather feedback and insights from the entire team.
  • Give the team a different approach to solving challenges.
  • Change your perspective and increase clarity in difficult situations to arrive at alternative outcomes.

Note: Individual maps are not shared.

Note: In company focused workshops, sharing is voluntary.

Insights & Real Questions

Maintaining Focus and Alignment about What Matters Most to You

Is it possible that you already possess a superpower that once activated, becomes a super skill? Most of us only associate superpowers with fictional superheroes. A less known fact is that each of us has the ability to tap into this unique super skill. By slowing down and writing things…

The Origin Of The CoreSelf Mapping Process and its Application in the Workplace

“Over 40% of Americans report increases in mental distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving employers with their own crisis, resulting in increased absenteeism, negative impacts on productivity and profits, and an increase in health care costs,” said Brian Marcotte, President and CEO of the nonprofit National Business Group on…

Why CoreSelf Mapping and CoreSelf Positioning?

Simon Sinek has achieved an extraordinary level of influence in the realm of marketing strategy development. His books and lectures have influenced a broad spectrum of leaders in his field and are worthy of our careful attention. Sinek’s “Golden Circle” theory of marketing advocates that we “Begin With Why” our…