Attend A Workshop

Gain insights and advantages by attending an in-person workshop.

Get practical experience using an individual and a corporate CoreSelf Map. Learn the value of slowing down and the power of your Internal Observer.

Gain valuable insights, sustainable plans, and real questions.

  • Get unstuck in a difficult situation.
  • Communicate more clearly and simply with team members.
  • Tap into a skill that you already possess.
  • Change your vantage point to identify the next best step on an important path.
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For Individuals

What is the benefit of attending a workshop?

  • Working the map can help you with major steps and subtle details on an important plan.
  • Gain confidence in the sustainability of your emerging plan.
  • Experience the power of CoreSelf mapping in a journaling format.

For Companies

What are the benefits of hosting a workshop?

  • Gather feedback and insights from the entire team.
  • Give the team a different approach to solving challenges.
  • Change your perspective and increase clarity in difficult situations to arrive at alternative outcomes.

Note: Individual maps are not shared.

Note: In company focused workshops, sharing is voluntary.