CoreSelf Mapping Experience

Participate in a guided CoreSelf Map experience with a trusted advisor.

Ask Questions, Interpret Results, and Receive Feedback & Guidance

  • Professional Guided CoreSelf Mapping Experience
  • Review Results, Provide Guidance
  • 60 Minute Phone Call
  • $95 Per Session

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About our Advisors

To provide you with the best possible experience and insights into your situation, you will be paired with a certified CoreSelf Mapping Advisor that has an extensive real-life understanding and knowledge of your industry. Professionals or individuals engaging in a one-hour session with an Advisor will gain a working knowledge of how to effectively navigate a CoreSelf Map. A typical session encompasses the following:

  • Discuss/Review Self-Guided CoreSelf Map (if completed)
  • Complete a CoreSelf Map Guided by an Advisor
  • Review/Discuss Results or Questions
  • Reinforce 3 Guidelines of CoreSelf Mapping
  • Consider Completing an Additional CoreSelf Map (if time allows)

Attend a Workshop

Want to experience the power of the CoreSelf Map in a group setting? We offer workshops for both individuals and companies to help solve your challenges.

Corporate Programs

CoreSelf Mapping empowers corporations to gain innovative insights into their pressing challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term was developed over the past twenty years in the clinical coaching practice of Jonathan Thomas, LICSW. Jonathan used hand-drawn diagrams to describe some of the many different ways your mind works, especially the relationship between energy, values, and thoughts. Clients gradually learned to use CoreSelf Mapping on their own. Finding that process helpful, clients asked for something they could read and study about the process which led to the creation of Simple. Not Easy.

The Process of CoreSelf Mapping can help anyone who is:

  • Working hard to resolve an important question but is feeling “stuck.”
  • Not sure of the way forward.
  • Needing to gain confidence in their “Next Best Step.”

We all have an internal guidance system called the “Internal Observer.” It works like an “onboard GPS” that answers the following questions when you are looking at your own CoreSelf Map:

  • Where am I?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • How do I get there?

There are two versions of the CoreSelf Map available to you. You can complete the free, self-guided CoreSelf Map on your own. As you work through the map you will begin to experience some of the benefits of the process; however, to fully experience all of the benefits it is best to speak to or work with a certified CoreSelf Mapping Advisor to complete the full version of the CoreSelf Map.

The CoreSelf Mapping process is simple to complete; it is not easy to slow down and trust the map because we are so accustomed to only using the executive function of our brain to solve difficult situations. If you choose to work with an advisor, that person will help you to engage with the map in the best way by following three important directions:

  • Slow Down
  • Trust The Map
  • Question Respectfully

The process of completing a map varies per person but typically takes between 20 to 60 minutes to complete.

The mapping process has been consistently shown to help individuals measurably increase their levels of being solid in their CoreSelf by:

  • Self-trust of myself and others
  • Self-respect
  • Self-confidence

No. CoreSelf Mapping is not a personality test, but a tool to help you find answers and solutions to problems and questions you feel stuck on.

CoreSelf Coaching uses CoreSelf Mapping to clarify the values of the individual combined with the awareness of employer and social expectations to arrive at the most important and achievable goals. CoreSelf Mapping is deeply rooted and supported by the psychology of the mind and the neuroscience of how the brain works.

Clients often find using the system on an ongoing basis provides dramatic increases in clarity, creativity, and confidence while fostering breakthrough insights and resolutions of their most challenging situations.

The CoreSelf Map helps individuals slow down in a speeding world and view a situation from a different vantage point; typically resulting in a more refined question or next best step. While the process is simple, changing habits is not easy. Consistent practice with the CoreSelf Map is a pathway to sustainable plans and improved outcomes.