Finding Direction in Times of Uncertainty

Most of the time we’re fine….until we are not. Despite the uncertainty happening around you, unlock the tools you need to find balance and a new path forward.

Stress can often make us feel unfocused, overwhelmed, and wondering if we are on the right track. We can lose direction and fail to remember what was once important to us. During challenging situations like the world is facing today, many individuals and professionals find themselves wondering what is next and how to best proceed. Maybe you lost your job at the beginning of the pandemic, decided to start a new business to make ends meet, or perhaps trying to manage a remote workforce for the first time, or a variety of other challenging situations. Whatever challenges you are faced with you have the internal tools (also known as your Internal Observer) that can help you see your situation from a different vantage point.

In our no-cost, self-guided workshop, Finding Direction in Times of Uncertainty, we break down the steps you can take to unlock your Internal Observer, find the right questions to ask, and develop sustainable next steps for your personal and professional goals.

Simple Not Easy - Finding Direction
Journaling at Desk

What You Can Expect In This Workshop

We are all familiar with the saying you get back what you put into it and this is no different. We provide you with the materials and instruction you need to get started on what is called the Self-Guided CoreSelf Map. CoreSelf Mapping is a process for establishing a deeper connection within ourselves, and in our most important relationships. It can be used as a personal journaling practice to gain clarity about where we are and to reveal the path forward. In personal and professional relationships, it can be used to nurture trust and respect, open up meaningful dialogue, and create sustainable plans.

After listening to the provided guidance audio, reading through the complimentary material, and completing the Self-Guided CoreSelf Map most people walk away with a new vantage point and insights into how CoreSelf Mapping can show you what is possible. Others may want to learn more and are invited to schedule a session with an advisor or attend additional workshops. You will also have access to an exclusive webinar with the Founders of Simple. Not Easy. where you can gain more insight into the process of CoreSelf Mapping and ask live questions!


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Simple Not Easy - Finding Direction

Here’s what you will receive when you sign up!

  • Self-Guided CoreSelf Map
  • Explanation of the map by Co-Founder Tim Preston
  • Additional documentation that expands on the process
  • Exclusive offers to attend a live workshop and discounted advisor sessions

If you are ready to find a new vantage point and work on creating a sustainable path forward, we encourage you to sign-up today!

“One of the most insightful and productive tools I have ever experienced. I use the map weekly to help me navigate through my professional and personal challenges and it has helped me gain clarity that propels me forward with my goals.”


“My advisor helped me see my challenge from a different vantage point and it proved to be life-changing! I was able to find the right solution for my team and create sustainable plans to move us forward.”


“CoreSelf Mapping helped me see my challenges from a new perspective. I was able to tap into tools I already had to help me reach my personal goals this year. Highly recommend!”


“ I've never slowed down long enough to write this down."


“How fun was that?"

BRETT, after sharing with a colleague

“Why do I always take care of other people before myself?"

CHRIS, arriving at a Real Question

“It made me slow down and reminded me of some things I had thought about but forgot."


“Introducing a simple triangle into a challenging situation can assist even the most active thinkers to slow down...and created an equally exciting dialog after completing the CoreSelf Map with a colleague."