Journaling and Best Next Steps, Part 1


You’ve completed the CoreSelf Mapping experience. You’ve learned how to activate your Internal Observer/Navigator. You’ve prioritized slowing down and aligning your energy level and values. So, there’s a way to keep the momentum going and those best next steps coming: CoreSelf Journaling. Journaling is beneficial for anyone and everyone—in good times and bad times. When…

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Roots and Nourishment to Weather the Storms of Life

Most of us are aware of the personal benefits of being present and practicing gratitude; however, in times of uncertainty or when we feel overwhelmed it’s not always easy to appreciate the little things or to take the time to slow down. As Paulo Coelho reminded us: “Life has a way of testing a person’s…

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Crossword Puzzles of Our Lives (Looking Outside In and Inside Out)

My grandfather, one of the wisest men I’ve ever known, would find great joy every Sunday after church spending hours trying to complete the NYT crossword puzzle. As a USPS letter carrier for over thirty years, his capacity to love life and his ability to bring joy to others were integral parts of his character.…

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A Simple Collection of Best Reads

In our work with teams and individuals, the importance of better understanding ourselves and others is key to building strong relationships. It’s important to always be learning, so in that spirit here are a few reads that we highly recommend: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey Stephen R. Covey’s classic…

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Maintaining Focus and Alignment about What Matters Most to You

Is it possible that you already possess a superpower that once activated, becomes a super skill? Most of us only associate superpowers with fictional superheroes. A less known fact is that each of us has the ability to tap into this unique super skill. By slowing down and writing things down, as opposed to keeping…

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The Origin Of The CoreSelf Mapping Process and its Application in the Workplace

  “Over 40% of Americans report increases in mental distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving employers with their own crisis, resulting in increased absenteeism, negative impacts on productivity and profits, and an increase in health care costs,” said Brian Marcotte, President and CEO of the nonprofit National Business Group on Health. Now more than…

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Why CoreSelf Mapping and CoreSelf Positioning?

Simon Sinek has achieved an extraordinary level of influence in the realm of marketing strategy development. His books and lectures have influenced a broad spectrum of leaders in his field and are worthy of our careful attention. Sinek’s “Golden Circle” theory of marketing advocates that we “Begin With Why” our product adds significant value to…

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Getting on the Same Page—and Staying There

Simple. Not Easy. Getting On The Same Page

As a leader, you’ve experienced those satisfying projects or client wins where it seemed that the entire team was on the same page; that feeling of achievement is quite rewarding. Ever wonder how to share that feeling with other teams in a consistent, repeatable, and sustainable way? It’s possible to get valuable feedback from the…

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Simple. Not Easy - Understanding Professional and Personal Triangles

Jonathan Thomas and Tim Preston explore the geometry of relationships from both a leadership and personal perspective, and how their CoreSelf Map™ begins with drawing a simple triangle on a blank sheet of paper to help people visualize stable relationships and how to work better together.

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Understanding the Difference Between Situational and Clinical Depression

Simple. Not Easy Situational Vs Clinical Depression

You may be a boss concerned about your team members, or an individual that is uncertain about your own changes in feelings or mood. Feelings of Clinical Depression are often labeled broadly as depression. However, there is a big difference between Clinical Depression and Situational Depression. Understand the differences and how CoreSelf Mapping can help…

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