Getting on the Same Page—and Staying There

Simple. Not Easy. Getting On The Same Page

As a leader, you’ve experienced those satisfying projects or client wins where it seemed that the entire team was on the same page; that feeling of achievement is quite rewarding. Ever wonder how to share that feeling with other teams in a consistent, repeatable, and sustainable way? It’s possible to get valuable feedback from the…

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Building Trust in Teams to Foster Self Accountability

Simple. Not Easy Building Trust

Innovative problem-solving Do you feel like you’re micromanaged in your current role? Do you feel like the new environment for business is asking you for more details or you’re being asked to fill out extra paperwork to justify your daily role? If you’re looking for new ways to prevent the stresses of a culture of…

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Being Awake. Being Aware. Being Able.

Simple Not Easy Map

Being Awake Think of your situation, challenge, or crossroad in life as a road trip. Before you can get behind the wheel of a car and make the trip, you first need to be awake. Of course, with the advent of modern GPS systems where our journey can easily be controlled with the push of…

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Leadership Lenses of 4X Leaders

What is a 4X Leader? Businesses that have managed to navigate the changes that the pandemic thrust on their customers, leaders, and employees have been forced to reimagine and recalibrate their business models in unprecedented ways with little to no warning. Aside from learning to manage entire teams remotely, many of today’s leaders are also…

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Fatigue, Doldrums, and Depression: Situational vs. Clinical

Simple Not Easy Are You Awake

More than eight months into the Covid 19 pandemic, many of us have begun to feel worn down mentally and emotionally. Even for those who have avoided serious illness, supporting the well-being of colleagues, friends and family – in addition to ourselves – requires consistenttime and effort. Working at a distance has many advantages, but…

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Are you Experiencing Virtual Meeting Fatigue?

Simple. Not Easy. Fatigue

For many of us, the past eight months have radically shifted our weekly schedules. Working from home has both benefits and challenges.  Reduced commuting and travel time has created opportunities to spend many more productive hours in online meetings.  However, 7-8 hour days of screen time can be exhausting.  As the pandemic stretches on, many…

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Entering 2021 in alignment with things that matter most

Simple Not Easy - Entering 2021 in alignment with things that matter most

As 2021 approaches, now is the time to align with the things that matter most to you. Surprisingly, you already have within you an internal support system that can help you get there. To tap into that system, you have to slow down first so you can assess those pivotal situations—personal or professional—that have you…

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Weekly Practice Encouraged

Weekly Practice Encourage | Simple. Not Easy.

If you find yourself puzzled personally and professionally in these unpredictable times, the introduction of new tools and processes can help you find a new vantage point and to build some momentum from there. When learning any new process, consistency is everything.  The CoreSelf Mapping tool is a simple, one sheet process that takes less…

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

not all who wander are lost

You may have been doing everything right. You had a plan, you were sticking to it, and then for whatever reason—fallout from the current health crisis, a touch of bad luck, or a bit of both—the rug was jerked out from under you before you took your first step.    Sometimes this happens, and particularly in…

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Real Questions….and Why They Matter

When feeling stuck, it’s human nature to ask: “What will get me out of this tough spot?” Rather than, “What do I already know that will be helpful to me?”  This can happen because we prefer to feel less vulnerable or we don’t take the time to look beyond what is immediately apparent. It is…

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