Getting on the Same Page—and Staying There

Simple. Not Easy. Getting On The Same Page

As a leader, you’ve experienced those satisfying projects or client wins where it seemed that the entire team was on the same page; that feeling of achievement is quite rewarding. Ever wonder how to share that feeling with other teams in a consistent, repeatable, and sustainable way?

It’s possible to get valuable feedback from the ENTIRE team – not just the most energetic, smartest, and dynamic team members, but even those on the proverbial factory floor—to make great things happen and move forward in a situation. If the entire team is contributing creative energy, along with the leader, then you get a powerful and dynamic organization—that’s on the same page from the start.

And this process doesn’t just apply to teams in a workplace setting. Individuals and those they have relationships with can get on the same page with themselves about a personal issue or situation.

So, what does the same page actually look like? Well, the end result is literally a piece of paper. What’s written on it has its foundation in psychology and neuroscience.  

Each of us has an Internal Observer and Navigator just waiting to help us navigate our best next steps that are in alignment with our values. It already knows exactly where we are, where we want to be, and provides feedback on how to get there. You can call upon this internal guidance system through a process called CoreSelf Mapping™.

CoreSelf Mapping™ (CSM) is a simple, 8-step single-page worksheet that takes less than 30 minutes to complete and engages the Internal Observer so each member of the team can contribute valuable feedback and potential questions that impact challenging situations – allowing each member of the team to participate, understand their role, and buy-in into best next steps to achieve desired outcomes within the organization.

Simple. Not Easy. Questions.

The CSM worksheet consists of three circles that correlate to three important questions:

  1. Where am I now?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. How do I get there?

The three circles work as a dashboard. All of them have an outer rim and an inner core. Navigating from Rim to Core represents an individual’s journey from lesser to greater certainty and clarity, in three different areas: energy level, values, and plans. A structured 4S framework is used to expand on and identify sustainable best next steps: Situation, Strengths, Struggles, and Strategies. This inclusive process encourages every member of the team to examine and discuss:

  • The team’s Situation.
  • Resources available to help solve
  • Any good faith efforts to resolve the situation that haven’t paid off yet
  • Best next steps or questions that if answered could change the situation 

Teams who consider their current challenge through the lens of the CSM are likely to gain not just insight but also reveal specific practical steps to move their situation forward. In the end, leaders, as well as every member of the team, gets a co-created document, in their hands, that lists effective and sustainable next steps so the entire team can move forward with mutual accountability and shared positive momentum.

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