Building Trust in Teams to Foster Self Accountability

Simple. Not Easy Building Trust

Innovative problem-solving

Do you feel like you’re micromanaged in your current role? Do you feel like the new environment for business is asking you for more details or you’re being asked to fill out extra paperwork to justify your daily role? If you’re looking for new ways to prevent the stresses of a culture of micromanagement, find out ways to increase a sense of trust and respect in your teams.

The reality is, if we are reluctant to share or empower responsibilities within teams, we are not only holding back, but it can lead to that dreaded word-micromanaging-which then gives way to low workplace morale and negative company culture. Trusting team members with work responsibilities and knowledge sharing inspires innovative problem-solving, which is vitally important for the success of corporations in today’s environment of speed and adaptability.

How do you align your teams?

As leaders and managers, we have what it takes to get the job done; others depend on us to set the tone for the rest of our teams. Effective collaboration comes easier when teams are in a place of Core Alignment-when the energy levels, thoughts, and values of each individual member are aligned with one another. We can start to make that happen with a new process called the CoreSelf Positioning.  

CoreSelf Positioning is a simple process that can help teams Get on the Same Page, literally.

When teams have high levels of trust, the entire organization benefits:

  • Reveal best next steps and sustainable plans
  • Improve team morale and momentum
  • Foster self-awareness and self-accountability 
  • Increase collaboration with internal and external teams
  • Improve communication with customers
  • A tool that can be used professionally and personally

Best next steps

Simple Not Easy will help you identify your best next steps to creating a team that knows that they have each other’s back and can count on others team members to accomplish their roles.

Want to learn more? Visit our Coreself Mapping Experience page to find out ways it can help you or your team!