Why CoreSelf Mapping and CoreSelf Positioning?


Simon Sinek has achieved an extraordinary level of influence in the realm of marketing strategy development. His books and lectures have influenced a broad spectrum of leaders in his field and are worthy of our careful attention.

Sinek’s “Golden Circle” theory of marketing advocates that we “Begin With Why” our product adds significant value to the customer’s business or life.  Following that is information about how the product works. Only then should we consider what are the next steps to obtain and utilize the product provided.

He argues convincingly that people buy products and pay for services because they are convinced that these goods and services have been created with passionate dedication to value at the heart of the process. That conviction leads potential buyers to “know” that a product or service will be important to them as well.

In this busy, world most of us have become accustomed to quickly accessing life’s situations and challenges arising in our professional and personal roles; some navigate these reactive decisions quite effectively and efficiently, while others struggle. However, it is possible for all of us to slow down, ever so slightly, to proactively align our energy levels and values to arrive at our best next steps or strategies versus reactively arriving at quick solutions that seem feasible at the moment. Granted, which route to take to pick up your the kids or drive to work are not mission critical and can be short circuited to save energy for more important decisions; that said, making important decisions, like getting on the same page to communicate with a teenager or determining your best next career path can have long lasting benefits or repercussions.


Simple. Not Easy’s why is predicated on teaching others, in both their professional and personal lives, to activate their Internal Observer/Navigator (aka monitoring brain function) and slow down and align their energy level and values to arrive at sustainable best next steps versus always relying on their executive brain function to make quick, reactive decisions based on their emotions and beliefs that satisfy the current moment’s need, but may not be in complete  alignment with their employers or their unique values.


 Utilizing a simple, 8-step, single page worksheet that answers three questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. How do I get there?


The primary tool for individuals is the CoreSelf Map (CSM)–an 8-step worksheet that can be completed in 45-60 minutes. CSM achieves this goal through continually monitoring and improving the core alignment of our emotional energy, our most important values and our level of certainty about crucial best next steps. The process of completing a CSM activates one’s unique Internal Observer and moves the writer’s awareness toward the Core in all of the circles of their CoreSelf Map. Each stage of the map precisely documents progression of movement from the Rim (low energy, uncertainty) toward the Core (high energy, certainty).

In professional settings, the CSM is combined with a CoreSelf Positioning (CSP) workshop–building on individual team member’s prior CSM experience. The CSP workshop is focused on a company-crafted situation or challenge, following a CoreSelf framework to identify best next strategies or real questions to answer three questions that Get Teams on the Same Page, literally:

  1. Where are we?
  2. Where do we want to be?
  3. How do we get there?

What Next to Reinforce Your Why:

Once one has activated their unique Internal Observer/Navigator and experienced the power of slowing down, regular CoreSelf Journaling (CSJ) steadily improves and aligns one’s emotional health, both personal and professional, by increasing energy, motivation and momentum for working through challenging situations. Similar to one’s physical exercise, where regular practice increases physical and cardiovascular well-being resulting in sustained effort and a healthier life.

After completing a guided CSM or CSP, both individuals and teams will understand that this worksheet or workshop is an “outside-in” and an “inside-out” process. While a professional advisor initially activates the process of learning how both work, and reinforces the benefit of regular practice, all parties are subsequently able to understand that their unique Internal Observer/Navigator can be accessed by themselves at any time. This ability and resource can be self-directed, when needed, as a source of direction when resolving challenges in every dimension of their life.

It can be difficult to find easy-to-use tools to help us in our professional and personal lives that do not require significant investment or are not conducive to self-use at a later date. CoreSelf Mapping represents an exception to the norm, as it can be used to gain clarity and certainty in any area of life. It’s simple and not easy, in only two areas: 1) taking the time to slow down and 2) taking the time to practice this new skill on a regular basis for maximum benefit.

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