Entering 2023 in alignment with things that matter most


As 2023 approaches, now is the time to align with the things that matter most to you. Surprisingly, you already have within you an internal support system that can help you get there. To tap into that system, you have to slow down first so you can assess those pivotal situations—personal or professional—that have you out of alignment. So how do you start? 

Take inventory of where you are now.

Life puts us at different places at different times, whether physically, socially, or emotionally. Think about where you are now. What are your strengths or resources or struggles that you can bring to the table?

Figure out what your push-off point is to get somewhere new

Every new beginning has a starting point. Identify those strategies that you think will work best now and the next steps to take.  

Ask quality “real” questions.

To find out what matters most, and to achieve sustainable results, you have to answer the “Real” question at the heart of the challenge. A real question is one that you can truthfully answer like: I don’t know… I want to know… I’m willing to ask… and I’m willing to listen to the ideas that come back.

Go from insight to action.

Being able to ask yourself or your team members real questions comes easier when you are in a place of Core Alignment—when feelings, thoughts and values are in a harmonious balance or alignment with one another. By engaging a part of your consciousness we call the “Internal Observer” you activate an internal roadmap in your hippocampus that already knows exactly where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. Using the CoreSelf Map, you just have to ask it. The key is that you have to slow down to take stock of where you. This is what provides the space and time for engaging the Internal Observer.  

Leveraging your own Internal Observer results in insightful next best steps or real questions. As a result of aligning your thoughts and long-term goals, and even your team, you can arrive at plans that are more sustainable. 

Are you ready to commit to starting 2023 off being awake, being aware, and being able? 

Let’s Go!