Leadership Lenses of 4S Leaders

Leadership Lenses of 4S Leaders

It’s important to note that many of the perspectives and references we share refer to leaders and leadership; however, don’t dismiss their advice if you’re not currently a recognized leader whose job description includes responsibility for others as, we must all take responsibility for our own behavior and achievement. Lead yourself to become the best version of your self, and it’s highly probable that one day you’ll positively influence others to meet their own highest standards—as a friend, partner, parent, manager, or business owner.

A 4S leader is someone who can effectively lead their team by zooming in and out of different perspectives, like a photographer using various lenses. They have the ability to view their organization from both the outside and inside, align energy levels with core values, and get everyone on the same page with regards to goals. 

These leaders use the CoreSelf Mapping methodology, which includes four steps: 

  • Situation
  • Strengths
  • Struggles
  • Strategies 

They also empower their team members to ask real questions and utilize a strength-based framework to solve challenges. By aligning different perspectives and leveraging their Internal Observer and Navigator, 4S leaders can produce insightful next steps for themselves and their organizations.

When you are able to align the images you’ve captured from each lens’s perspective and leverage your own Internal Observer and Navigator, you can produce insightful best next steps or real questions to create sustainable plans for yourself and the organizations you lead.

Ready to expand on the 4S Leader in you?  

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