Trust the Map

Simple not easy, goals, feelings

Most of us automatically rely on Waze or Google Maps (GPS) to get us from point A to B, especially when searching for a new destination. We’ve learned to rely on GPS to get us to our destination in the shortest possible time and keep us out of trouble by rerouting us around accidents or traffic tie-ups.

Our daily lives are filled with many decisions and choices regarding our personal and professional roles. Some decisions require a longer period of time for lengthy analysis; at other moments our brains can multitask, making decisions in rapid-fire fashion on multiple projects. The executive function of our brain allows us to call on our past experiences, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and expectations – making decisions, as if on autopilot, similar to our favorite GPS.

Slowing Down

Switching from executive to monitoring brain function is simple, not easy in a world that operates at the speed of thought. In order to successfully navigate all of our professional and personal life responsibilities, most of us are forced to make a rapid series of important decisions to navigate through our daily roles. We are pressured and not able to even consider slowing down.

It’s not uncommon for individuals doing their first CoreSelf Map™ to quickly try to figure out the map:

• Why is the sequence (steps) out of order?

• Where is my final destination or goal?

These questions represent our executive mind struggling to shorten the time to final decision-making. We have come to see this level of urgency as normal, even when it does not always lead to positive results.

Following the sequence of the CoreSelf Map process slows down our executive brain function and allows our monitoring brain function (aka Internal Observer) to fully engage; the writing process is a key component of this sequence -putting words and sentences together to expand on our Situation, Strengths, Struggles, and Solutions.

Our monitoring function measures progress toward an individual’s unique core goals, those that will be consistently important over the long haul. (For instance, at retirement, “What has been my personal and professional accomplishments?”)

The Power of the CoreSelf Map 

The power of the CoreSelf Map process resides absolutely in the realm of the monitoring function of our brain – so how does one tap into that ability, in a world that operates at the speed of thought and is constantly trying to figure out how things work in an effort to shorten the time to understand a new concept or tool?

Similar to our GPS, one identifies where I am, where I want to be, and our monitoring functions provide alternative turn-by-turn steps to get one to a new destination with an occasional inquiry regarding a potential point of interest that we might be interested in visiting. CoreSelf Mapping Integrates our core feelings, beliefs and plans by intentionally leveraging our internal observer resulting in insightful next best steps or real questions.

As a result of aligning our thoughts and long-term goals, CoreSelf Map derived plans are more sustainable.

Simple not easy, goals, feelings

CoreSelf Coaching for Yourself and Your Team

The CoreSelf Mapping process allows teams and individuals to elevate their vantage point, as it relates to situations and challenges, to gain insights and the next best steps. You can learn how to operate from a place of authority in a little over an hour during a one-on-one session or as part of a workshop.

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By Jonathan Thomas