Weekly Practice Encouraged

Weekly Practice Encourage | Simple. Not Easy.

If you find yourself puzzled personally and professionally in these unpredictable times, the introduction of new tools and processes can help you find a new vantage point and to build some momentum from there. When learning any new process, consistency is everything. 

The CoreSelf Mapping tool is a simple, one sheet process that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. It connects the different parts of your awareness to engage the internal observer, the powerful part of your consciousness that could be called on for guidance when you are feeling lost. It is a process that can be used over and over again – in fact, we encourage you to practice it on a weekly basis.

Approach the weekly practice of CoreSelf Mapping as you would a weekly physical fitness regimen like strength training. By making strength training a habit, you’ll eventually see results including increased muscle mass, stronger bones, and weight control.

Weekly Practice Encourage | Simple. Not Easy.

But like all good habits that can momentarily derail, you may experience a training plateau in your exercise program where your noticeable results taper off. One way to address your plateau is to strategically change your workout and switch your perspective, which keeps your body from just adapting. 

When your life encounters a speed bump, sometimes it’s good to get away and see the situation from a different altitude or depth. Weekly practice of CoreSelf Mapping can help you understand how you need to change your life just a bit.

When you use the tool as a weekly personal journaling practice, it allows you to slow down and take stock of where you are so you can engage your Internal Observer. That can only happen when you give yourself the space and time for it to show up. When you listen, it will help you figure out where you are, where you want to be, and what’s most important to you using a simple journaling format called the “4 S’s”: Situation, Strengths, Struggles, and Strategies.

Weekly Journaling - Simple Not Easy

When you begin practicing CoreSelf Mapping, it’s likely that you’ll connect with a specific theme right away, whether it is a personal or professional situation. As you practice the map each week, using that same theme, you are learning how to integrate emotion and energy with what has value to you to create a sustainable plan. This allows you to explore your original insight even more deeply. More practice with the course self map will build your momentum.

A significant shift happens when you allow yourself the time to turn a habit into a part of who you are.  Sign-Up for our FREE Finding Direction in Times of Uncertainty Workshop! You’ll receive a free, self-guided CoreSelf Map, audio instruction to complete map and exclusive offers to attend future workshops.