Not All Who Wander Are Lost

not all who wander are lost

You may have been doing everything right. You had a plan, you were sticking to it, and then for whatever reason—fallout from the current health crisis, a touch of bad luck, or a bit of both—the rug was jerked out from under you before you took your first step.   

not all who wander are lost

Sometimes this happens, and particularly in these unprecedented times, it can be soul crushing. Your life is turned upside down and you find yourself stranded in the middle of a figurative desert, wandering alone and aimless without a sign of help or hope for miles. Though you currently feel isolated and lost, think of this desert as a place of transformation.  

Don’t think of empty vastness, think of the desert as a purposeful destination; one of profound beauty and certainty. Enjoy the solitude and the tranquility and the chance to listen to your Internal Observer to figure out your next best steps. You can tap into this internal guidance system through a process called CoreSelf Mapping™.

CoreSelf Mapping is a fairly simple process completed on a single sheet of paper that connects the different parts of your awareness and engages the Internal Observer, the wise and compassionate part of your consciousness that can be called on for guidance when you are lost and in pain.

The key to CoreSelf Mapping’s effectiveness is that it forces you to slow down and take stock of where you are—even lost in the desert. This provides the space and time for engaging the Internal Observer.

Engaging your Internal Observer is something you can do anytime through CoreSelf Mapping, as long as you allow yourself the time to slow down, trust the map, and question respectfully. By turning off the always-on-the-go executive part of your brain, and tuning into the monitoring portion, you can uncover the insights, options, possibilities that may have been sneaking around the perimeter of your mind, but the executive function chose to ignore. That’s what’s powerful about CoreSelf Mapping; it uses your own awareness to see that you do have other points of view, but you just weren’t paying attention to them. 

Despite the uncertainty you may be feeling, there are tools to help you take back control. Give yourself permission to wander and Sign-Up for our FREE Finding Direction in Times of Uncertainty Workshop! You’ll receive a self-guided CoreSelf Map, an explanation of the map by Co-founder Tim Preston, additional documentation that expands on the process, and exclusive offers to attend a live workshop and discounted advisor sessions.